Barcelona is the perfect city for school excursions. The unique mix of great architecture, its history, the multicultural
vibes, the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, the sea and the sunny beaches; make it a place where young people
feel at home.

We have designed a number of activities that are ideal for youngsters and school groups because they are (inter)active and off the beaten track. They will learn about the city, its history, its culture, its traditions, the way people live here nowadays, the language, etc. in a fun and lively way!

We can offer the activities in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. On request, we could also offer them in other languages.

If you are interested in any of the other activities on the website, please contact us and we’ll work out a proposal.

If you are looking for an activity that is not listed, just ask for a quote and we’ll try to organise it for you.

Interactive Old Town walking tour

Bike tour

Flamenco Class with Live Music