Interactive Old Town walking tour

This tour is a fun way for the students to get to know the Old Town of Barcelona. Accompanied by our guides, they learn about the history, architecture, local traditions and every day life in a Mediterranean city like Barcelona, and on top of that: they will get to see places that an ordinary tourist will not come across so easily.
All this while filling in a questionnaire in small groups.

Finding the correct answers to all the questions along with their fellow students requires organisation, teamwork, assertiveness and communication skills. They will have to go into shops and talk to people in the streets or markets to get the information they need. The guides have been living in the city for years and will, of course, give all kinds of explanations and useful tips during the tour, motivate and coordinate the teams and create a really fun atmosphere!

At the end of the tour the group/team with the most correct answers gets a prize.
Duration: 3 hours.
Price: 10 E pp. Min 20 students.
No charge for teachers.
We offer tours in English, Dutch and French. Other languages upon request.